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Stop Missing BIG Opportunities to Generate New Leads for Your Business: A Guide to Visual Hierarchy

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What is the most important thing here?

While getting my kids ready for daycare, I noticed a promotional envelope in my mail pile. The promotional was from a very well-known financial institution. Let’s call them “Suburban-bank.” Anyway, the promo offer was for a credit card. The draw was a high-yield credit card that offered exceptional cash-back rewards.

What caught my eye was the word “BIG” which was supposed to grab my attention as a consumer. However, my design senses started tingling and I realized something was missing from this promotional material…..There was a lack of Visual Hierarchy.

Now before you begin scratching your head, Visual Hierarchy is a fancy design term for “Does this design communicate the main message effectively?” To which my answer was “Eh…Maybe?” Which is not good enough in my opinion. It is certainly not good enough at all for a multi-billion dollar very well-known financial institution to produce for consumers.

So, I put together a little guide to help you understand the importance of Visual Hierarchy within your branding. Because at Mind the Pixels education is a pillar of what we do.

*Spoiler Alert* is it a lot easier than you think:

Hierarchy Guide graphic

Download the print-friendly version:

Download PDF • 2.71MB

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