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An education on improving your brand with illustration: Not just for kids.

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Last week, I saw a poster that inspired me. “Be somebody that makes everyone feel like somebody” is what the poster says. This poster checks off all my criteria for a good design:

·  Bold colors

·  Contrasting visual elements

·  Great use of space

·  Type variance

·  Clear focal point that supports the “Call to Action” (CTA).


Poster designs like this are successful because of one strong element. An element that if used incorrectly or overused can ruin the design and the messaging. That element is Illustration.


Illustration as a design element can be very powerful, and it is not only for children. Adults like illustrations as well. However, using illustrations in your brand and marketing material can be a very valuable tool to provoke long-lasting brand recognition. On the other hand, it can make your brand blend in the oversaturated “corporate illustration” style that everyone is using.


Source: pikisuperstar on


Now don’t get me wrong I think “Corporate Illustrations” have a time and place. They are great in PowerPoint presentations to clients and internal communications. Have a holiday office party? Well throw in that bad boy on the poster and tape it to the water cooler. Outside of that, when using illustrations in your brand you need to be deliberate and mindful of how you are using it.

Source: illustrated by Mads BERG c/o Agent Molly & Co


This is another great example of using illustration to enhance your brand/marketing materials while keeping your messaging clear. This year, Wimbledon launched a series of promotional videos, transition videos, and post-commercial segue videos in a simple animated style.


As a long-time tennis fan, I jumped out of my seat when I saw the first video for the event (see below).  For Wimbledon to take this creative direction for one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world was a HUGE risk. But their creative team did their research on the style they wanted. Tested out various styles and compared audience engagement. Finally, they tailored the messaging and imagery to evoke a childlike nostalgia for the audience. It was very well received, and I am sure this will not be the last time a major sporting event uses animation and illustration. It was an experience that connected with adults and children.




Illustration is a valuable tool that can build your brand up and reach a wide and diverse audience. It is never too late to make a creative pivot and transform your brand, refresh it for a new audience and new leads.


Do you think illustrations can improve your branding and marketing? Let me know in the comments.


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