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Don’t get on the naughty list: 3 design mistakes that will ruin your holiday graphics.

Tis the season of holiday greetings. With the fiscal year ending, it’s time to celebrate and send your customers, internal teams, and prospective leads holiday cheer. But before you deck the halls and bring out the figgy pudding, let’s take a moment to perfect those holiday graphics.


The tried-and-true holiday colors are green, red, and white. Every year millions of holiday greeting cards, emails, and office party posters are sent out. That means every single visual stocking is stuffed. It’s stuffed to the brim with “season’s greetings,” “wishing you,” and “see you next year” language that falls on deaf ears. When the same content is delivered in the same way every year, it becomes clutter. And the last thing your business needs is an inbox full of coal when you return to the office.


So, in the spirit of giving, here are 3 tips that will bring good tidings to your holiday communications:


Green and red mistle-NOs


Green and red complement each other. These 2 colors burst with holiday cheer but are not meant to layer on top of one another.


Does that look wonky to you? Does it hurt your eyes? You don’t need to double-take, this graphic is reindeer vomit!


Credit: Mind the Pixels Design Agency

Instead, use them as separate elements in your design:

Credit: Mind the Pixels Design Agency 

See, all the holiday cheer with none of the headaches.


Let it show! Let it show! Let it show!

The weather outside is frightful, but your logo is so delightful. It does have a place to go, so let it show!


Picture this: you have designed an amazing holiday graphic that will turn heads and pile up clicks. However, it doesn’t have your branding on it. I often see incredible holiday email campaigns from big companies. Highlighting promotions, new products, and calls to action…But I couldn’t tell you who sent it.


Having your logo in your graphics is crucial for retention and engagement. What separates you from an annoying retail email? (no shade). Your brand is the lifeblood of your business and needs to be front and center. Consider placing it in the corners of your graphics.


Or, like we do at MTP, make it front and center to save on copy space.

Credit: Mind the Pixels Design Agency

It may seem like we are tooting our own horn. We are, but it's festive so it's okay.


Jingles sell, Jingles sell, jingles all the way!


Oh, what fun it is to write in a catchy type of way. Words are not cheap, so use them wisely. Consider watering your messaging to a single line. 2 at maximum. This will increase the likelihood that viewers will read it and that they will scroll to see more of the email.


Writing a catchy one-liner like “Bringing holiday cheers” can help a brewery email get more clicks. As viewers chuckle, they will scroll down.


Casper does a great job with this clever graphic:

Credit: Casper Mattress Company.


You don’t have to fall into the tinsel trap of redundant design. You can create simple, elegant, and engaging graphics by following these 3 steps. Great design isn’t hard to achieve, but great communication through design can be.

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