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AI calculations vs. Human creativity: The importance of the human element.

AI is here and it is evolving quickly. In the last 2 years, we have seen Chat GPT gain global popularity in every industry. The original goal of AI was to be a tool used to help humans gather information quickly and assist with basic tasks. However, the “basic tasks” started to spill into professional use rather quickly. First, Chat GPT started writing lines of code that programmers used to save time. Second, students began using chat GPT to write essays and do math homework. Third, people started to use Mid-journey to create children's books and Illustrations to monetize. What started as a tool to help with tasks quickly became a tool to complete tasks.


Arguably the most affected industry has been the creative industry. There is a paradox between creatives and their audiences. Creativity is lauded, inspiring, and the backbone of our civilization. But at the same time, creativity is not valued from a monetary standpoint. Art is vital but should be cheap. Art should transcend, but the artist should be content with the compensation of admiration. This imbalance created the perfect conditions for AI to thrive.


The creative industry giant Adobe recently added prompt generation menus to their entire line of programs. These prompt boxes allow users to create art and designs based on a single word. Just last year the Writers Guild of America solidified an agreement to not use AI for writing shows, and the Actors Guild of America codified an agreement where AI facial scans of actors will not be allowed. AI poses a threat to creatives and there is a lot that must be done to preserve the human element of art.


I bet you are wondering “Why should I care? I can save money and time using AI over a human artist.” That is a valid and fair way to view this dilemma. But let me ask you this: Is your business unique? Does your business deserve creativity that differentiates you from your competitors? If your answer is “no” then look no further and enjoy your AI-produced images. If your answer was “yes” that means you need something that AI does not have. Something that AI will never have. It would help if you had imagination. It would help if you had creative thought. It would help if you had abstract brainstorming. It would help if you had disruption. If there is one thing that humans are great at is creativity and disruption.


Below are 4 logo designs. 2 are produced by AI, and 2 are designed by a human (me) with the same client brief for both. What do you notice? Which logo represents the brief appropriately?

Now for the reveal:

The AI produced 2 “unique” logos. Both were an attempt to fit the brief but couldn't quite focus on making the right design decisions. If I were to guess what the AI was thinking, it got stuck on the word “Nature.” It’s obvious in its first attempt.


Ok, let’s try the black-and-white test. This test is to ensure readability of the design without color:

It seems that the AI design is better at color logos and struggles with black-and-white contrast. Also, both AI logos have the same brush styles. Unfortunately, if you decide to go with AI, you won’t have much luck creating something unique to you.


Maybe now you are thinking “What can I do? I want to support human design, but not break the bank.” Again, that is a fair and valid response. You should work with a designer that fits your budget. And you should feel like you are getting a top-tier design experience as well.


So, before you muddle your designs in data, explore great branding with a refutable and success-driven, human, design agency.


Luckily, you already know a great design agency that will fit your budget and give you a world-class experience…... the Mind the Pixels Design Agency! We have packages that fit your budget and the scope of your project. Every penny you spend will give you tangible and quality design with brand strategies to capture and keep your audience and bring in revenue.


Check us out to see what we can do for you and book a consultation today!

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